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Get accurate and swift laboratory diagnostics at Cary Medical Clinic – bridging the gap between doubts and clarity. Cary Medical Clinic recognizes the essence of laboratory testing in the landscape of healthcare. These tests are not just about numbers and results; they are the roadmap to understanding one’s health better, laying the foundation for effective treatments and prevention strategies.

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    Delve Deep into Lab Testing Services

    Lab tests are vital tools that doctors use to check for specific markers and indicators in your body. Whether it's a blood sample, tissue sample, or body fluid, these tests can detect and measure various substances and cells, providing a snapshot of your overall health. It can help diagnose diseases, plan treatments, monitor conditions, and assess the effectiveness of treatments.
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    Broad-Spectrum Diagnostic Tests We Offer

    Metabolic Panel

    A metabolic panel is a series of tests that provide a comprehensive overview of your body's chemical balance. These tests are instrumental in evaluating how well some of your vital organs, such as your kidneys and liver, are functioning. By assessing various components like glucose, calcium, and electrolytes, this panel offers significant insights into the health of your heart, muscles, bones, and kidney functions. Any abnormalities in the results can signal potential medical conditions that might require intervention.

    Lipid Evaluation

    The lipid evaluation is a vital diagnostic tool used to measure the concentration of specific fats and fatty substances in the blood. These substances, including cholesterol (both LDL and HDL) and triglycerides, play a crucial role in determining your risk for cardiovascular diseases. A lipid profile helps in gauging how effectively your body uses fats as an energy source and whether there's an increased risk of conditions like atherosclerosis or other heart diseases.

    Metabolic Nutritional Deficiencies

    Nutrients are the building blocks of our body, and a deficiency can impede its optimal functioning. The test for metabolic nutritional deficiencies is designed to detect an absence or insufficiency of essential nutrients in the body. It examines vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other vital substances that your body requires for daily operations. Identifying these deficiencies early on allows for timely intervention, ensuring that the body remains in a state of balance and health.

    Complete Blood Count (CBC)

    CBC is one of the most commonly conducted blood tests, offering a holistic picture of your health. It quantifies various components of the blood, including red blood cells (responsible for oxygen transport), white blood cells (key players in the immune response), and platelets (essential for blood clotting). By analyzing these components, healthcare providers can diagnose a wide range of conditions. For instance, a decreased red blood cell count might indicate anemia, while an elevated white blood cell count could be a sign of an infection or other medical conditions. The CBC is a cornerstone in medical diagnostics, guiding treatment decisions and monitoring health over time.

    Six Reasons to MakeCary Medical Your Diagnostic Choice

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    Every sample is processed by a team of professionals with vast experience, ensuring accuracy.

    State-of-the-art Technology

    We utilize modern diagnostic equipment that produces precise results.

    Swift Turnaround

    Understand the importance of time; we commit to delivering rapid results without compromising on accuracy.

    Tailored Patient Experience

    From the moment you step in until you receive your results, we ensure a seamless, stress-free process.

    Budget-friendly Services

    We believe in offering top-notch services without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Strategic Locations

    Located in the heart of Cary and Morrisville, our clinic is easily reachable, making your diagnostic journey hassle-free.

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